Texas Conference For Women: I’ll be a Speaker!

Texas Conference for Women 2016

This week has been all over the place with emotions good and bad BUT totally excited today. I’ve been invited to speak at the Texas Conference For Women in Austin, Texas! It is the largest women’s conference in the state, offering community and connection, information and inspiration, motivation and momentum. Your ticket gives you access…

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3 Easy Tips to Boost Confidence Today

How to Boost Confidence today

Yes…you read that right. 3 simple, easy ways to boost confidence today. But before I share a personal story with you…I want to show you me just 2 weeks ago. That is me on a catamaran just off Honduras rocking the first bathing suit I have loved (on the hanger AND on my own body)…

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Bella Modeling School Starts Tomorrow

Bella Modeling School

Tomorrow, April 23, 2016, Miss Tiffany starts a 5 month modeling school program in Dallas At Bella Modeling School under Estela Trevizo with a stellar line up of local talent as guest instructors including: Obdulia “Bella” Espinoza, Roxanne Lovern, Sierra Lo’ren, Marilyn Guzman, and Christian Petrovich. Why we chose Bella Modeling School: They are not a trick agency that brings…

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Overhaul Your Morning Routine with 5 Tips

Overhaul Your Morning Routine with 5 Tips

How we start the morning sets the stage for how the rest of our day will go. Yet the Morning Routine can be among the most chaotic and stressful times! It seems there’s never enough time for everything that needs to be done. There are ways to make mornings less crazy, however, and salvage some precious…

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10 Steps to Surviving Temper Tantrums

temper tantrums at a restaurant

Last week, Jen from tamethetantrum.com asked her 3,500 subscribers to describe the one place they’re most afraid of having the Terrible Twos strike! The unanimous answer: at a restaurant. So she decided to write a helpful post on the top 10 steps to surviving temper tantrums at a restaurant, which you can find here: 10…

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The USA FILM FESTIVAL announces Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? With Guest Chef Vivian Howard

Chef Vivian Howard with Guess Who's coming to dinner

DALLAS — The title of one of our favorite films from the 1960s inspired the name for the USA Film Festival’s annual fundraiser – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?  The annual event will be held on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 6:30pm, at Salum restaurant, 4152 Cole Avenue, Dallas, and will serve as the kick-off event for…

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Chandeliers for Bathrooms


Typically, when you consider a chandelier, you think of the home foyer or perhaps the formal dining room. But what about that beautiful master bath with a boring canned light in the ceiling? Swap out for a chandelier to completely change the fill of the space. Location: Center of the room Centered over master bathtub…

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Press On Veneers Create Perfect Smiles

Press On Veneers by Brighter Image Lab

Who doesn’t want a beautiful and perfect smile? For some, this is prohibited by high financially hurdles in the dentist department. There is another solution that I often see in parents and modeling – Press On Veneers™ by Brighter Image Lab. Dental veneers are quickly gaining popularity simply because they are often the first choice…

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Dallas Diamonds and the 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings of All Time

Dallas Diamonds Exchange - Top 10 most expensive engagement rings

Dallas girls love Dallas Diamonds: everything is bigger in Texas and we love our big diamonds! Below is a video that covers the 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings of All Time. The unfortunate truth is that the vast majority of woman may never be able to even see in person a dramatic diamond like in the…

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Buying Wholesale for Boutique Women’s Fashion

Wholesale for boutique women's fashion

One of my first entrepreneurial experiences was the first time I set foot in the Dallas World Trade Center. 14 stories of Women’s Fashion and Interior Design Mecca. It was love at first site. When I realized it was a massive mall at wholesale prices, I was hooked, I started buying for myself, but in…

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